Theoretical and practical knowledge required at the position of the ESD Operator. Training materials are developed on the basis of PN-EN 61340-5-1, PN-EN 61340-5-2 and ANSI / ESD S.20.20-2007 standards.

The training is intended for coordinators, auditors and employees who supervise the EPA zone, as well as employees working in the electronic industry.

As a result of the training, the participant will gain knowledge about basic concepts in the field of ESD of electronics and electrical engineering. This training will show the ESD phenomenon and hazards related to that for electronic components. Additionally this training learn how to coordinate the ESD production and EPA zone, provide the audits, measurements and reports related to that. This will give your client more confidence and information about how to proceed with the order and how you produce and deliver the product.

Because PN-EN and ANSI / ESD standards are accepted all over the world by all electronic branches, they can be implemented in the quality system. After the training, you do not have to develop and maintain standards, you can simply refer to the listed standards.

EPA Coordinator
Protection against electrostatic discharge in the work environment
Certified Training
Training Schedule

Training schedule – ESD Coordinator
Module 1 to 13, duration: 16 hours, (theory and practice)

Module 1:
Basics and definition

Module 2:

Module 3:
The formation of electrostatic

Module 4:
Character of electrostatic charge and the impact of charge on the environment in numbers

Module 5:
Damage caused by electrostatic discharge

Module 6:
Real conditions – electrostatic discharge protection

Module 7:
EPA – electrostatic discharge protected area

Module 8:
Packaging of electrostatic sensitive devices

Module 9:

Module 10:
Responsibilities of the ESD Coordinator

Module 11:
Staff training

Module 12:
Reporting after the audit

Module 13:

open book, duration: ca 1,5 hours

Daily training plan:

  •   9:00 Start of the training
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 10:45 Continuation of the training
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Continuation of the training
  • 14:30 Coffee break
  • 14:40 Continuation of the training
  • 17:00 End of the training
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