In September 2017 PB Technik joined to members of IPC Certification Centres with a new internal structure called PB Training. The reason was to meet electronic market expectations and give to them the newest tools to manage electronic production on the highest level of quality.

The main focus of the training department is to promote IPC standards by providing certification courses with the newest and still updated materials. The courses are provided for both Specialists and Trainers. Each participant of the course receive a worldwide recognized IPC certificate, just after passing an exam successfully. The certificate is a guarantee of the knowledge which is current and crucial to provide electronic production in the best standards. PB Training still enlarge IPC Certification offer in order to cover all needs of the clients. In addition PB Training offer wide range of consultations based on applicable standards and practical knowledge of our trainers. All of  them are created for increasing capabilities and competitiveness of customers.



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